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Genetic Methylation Testing

Genetic Wholistic Methylation is a fascinating new field in alternative and integrative healthcare. Dr. J Dunn, the developer of Genetic Wholistic Methylation, has taken recent advances in genetic research to an astonishing new level. Through the completion of the Human Genome Project, geneticists are now able to understand the origins of disease causation, including cancers, heart disease, osteoporosis, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, and so much more. Dr. Dunn has amplified this research to determine how our genetic variants, or SNiPs, can be regulated through a specific metabolic pathway: the methylation cycle. Regulation of the methylation cycle is paramount when dealing with genetic defects that have the potential to be particularly damaging.

The good news?

We now have the ability to bypass these genetic defects using specific targeted nutrients to restore normal functioning to the body!

Proper methylation is imperative to many processes within the body. When methylation cannot be carried out properly, important functions cannot happen within the body. Functions include, but are not limited to:

•Repairing and building RNA and DNA

•Immune function

•Digestive issues

•DNA silencing

•Neurotransmitter balance (mood stabilization)

•Toxic Metal and Chemical Detoxification


•Cell membrane fluidity and function

•Energy production

•Protein activity


•Cancer prevention

Two of the most important effects of methylation blocks are blocking of the immune system and blocking of the detoxification system. Without proper methylation, infections and toxins can build up within the body.

The methylation pathway is involved in many critical processes within the body. Inefficient function can result in a wide range of conditions, including:


•Allergic reactions





•Bipolar disorder

•Bowel dysfunction



•Chronic bacterial infections

•Chronic viral infections

•Cytoskeletal breakdown Diabetes

•Down’s syndrome

•Heart disease


•Huntington’s disease

•Language and cognition impairment Leaky gut

•Metal toxicity


•Mitochondrial disease

•Neural tube defects



•Renal failure

•Rett’s syndrome



•Sleep disorders

•Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

•Thyroid dysfunction

Your first visit may take between 1-2 hours, depending on history and clinical findings. A very individualized supplement program will be produced to fit your specific genetics and environmental factors.

Progress is generally quick in certain symptoms, including: depression, focus, memory, and fatigue. However, the goal of the program is to repair cellular damage, balance nutrient deficiencies, allow your body to detox, allow for proper immune system function, and repair neurological damage. These goals may require time and patients.

Remember, you have had a lifetime of not being able to absorb certain nutrients, so repair and detoxification will take a bit of time.

Follow up visits are required to re-evaluate your program to make sure no ingredients are missing.

J Dunn. Wholistic Methylation. "Optimize your genetics." Copyright 2023 by Natural Remedies.

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